Growing food to eat

Why don’t you give it a go and grow your own?

I love the way you can grow something from seed. I find it all so fascinating and therapeutic.

I’m currently growing:
PUMPKINS growing from seeds of a pumpkin I ate

The biggest pumpkin after about 4 months

CORN ON THE COB I purchased (they come in a pack and look like smashed, dried sweetcorn) from a shop
MINT from my friend Teresa
TOMATOES πŸ… that started growing from the soil that I dug over
SWEET PEPPERS on the window sill I purchased as a small plant from a shop a couple of weeks ago
BIG THYMEΒ  from a friend who gave me a cutting of one of his plants all the way from Grenada W.I.

That’s one of the reasons why I put together
A – Z Fruit or Veg and How They Grow and is available as a book on Amazon for all to see.

The video above is quite cool 😎

Today, I started by cutting off the end of a LEEK and putting it into water.
Excited to see how it grows and the results!

Blackbirds Safe Together

On a walk, a blackbird flew across from the bank and into a tree, right beside the footpath where I was standing.

He was keeping a lookout for his love that was gathering twigs to add to her nest.

I watched the routine of them flying back and forth right before my eyes. Listening to the loud singing coming from such a small bird and me being trusted to look on.

Squirrel on a walk

I went on a walk to get some exercise, keep active and help my back to feel less painful.

It was great to see a few squirrels getting fed by a family. I stood from a distance and watched from behind a fence. One of the squirrels came over to me then ran away when someone approached.

I thought that was good of the squirrel to give me a closer look at it. I looked beside myself and noticed some food. “Ahh, it all makes sense,” I thought. That’s what the squirrel wanted.

I picked up the food and moved closer to where the squirrels were and laid the food on the ground. One of them was quite friendly! I enjoyed capturing photos and video clips of them.

I put together a short story and a peek of my book A-Z Fruit or Veg and How They Grow. I hope you like it and feel free to share πŸ€—

A friendly squirrel right there for me and a peek of the book A – Z Fruit or Veg and How They Grow

A live on a walk and my mobile being stolen knee deep in London

Out on a walk in London

That’s one of my one-off crocheted scarfs. All my crocheted pieces are unique because I may accidentally go off pattern. I complete my project none-the-less and it goes unnoticed 😁

What’s the squirrel eating?

On my walk of 11565 steps, I saw a squirrel scurry up a tree. I immediately started filming. πŸŽ₯

I gasped with the thought of what it could be eating.

A few people were also watching on. I asked them if they had worked out what the squirrel was eating…

They had and I looked back over the video and I could see it too.

What is it?

Walking, riding, nature, amateur photography and filming.

I set a goal to walk 10,000 steps a day to get back into shape and posted it publically on social media to be accountable, share my experience, and encourage others.

For ten days, πŸƒ I reached around 10,000 – 12,000 steps; taking two and a half hours per day. My ankle was acting up (swelling from a gym injury the year before, weak ankles and probably on reflection, I should of set a lower target.) So I added my bike into the mix to stay active.

Also, this was a great combination because I didn’t want my body to get used to the same exercise; preventing reaching a plateau.

To keep exercise interesting, I added photography and made video clips which is an easy one for me because I enjoy nature and being creative.

I’m loving it and it has evoked raising awareness about my business too. 😁

Audiobook for The Angel’s Smile

Although I’ve been in and out of the studio for one reason or another since I was 15, I still felt nervous when I stepped in the sound booth to record the audiobook for The Angel’s Smile.

First, MK who is a sound engineer and producer, spoke for a short while about what I wanted to achieve and then he said, “Ready?”

I thought, “He doesn’t mess about.”

Take One

I put on the headphones and the nerves started to kick in. I used the adrenaline and read my book, imagining, I was reading to a class full of intrigued children. I tuned in spiritually and read with confidence and started enjoying myself, trying to sound interesting and dramatic.

Take Two

MK, suggested I do another take. Through experience, singing my songs in the studio in the past, a few takes are needed for the best result. I felt it was more natural the second time around because I was calmer and more balanced.

After, I read the questions about the book from the interactive pages.

We listened to both versions and MK chose the second take to be the main one to work with. He sent me a copy to take home, listen to and review.

Back For More

A couple of weeks later, I was back in the studio. I reported which words needed correcting. MK used a few words from the 1st cut and pasted them to the 1st version.

Next, MK edited all the unnecessary breaths in between some of the words. I admired his determination and focused approach. I popped back into the sound booth and dropped in any words that needed changing.

We chose sound effects, such as children talking in a classroom setting, children playing and clapping.

The Angel’s Smile Audiobook is nearly finished!

Next is the Audiobook Song

As part of The Angel’s Smile, I need to complete The Angel’s Smile Delight song…