Grateful for Artist C. Morgan

Once I finished writing my children’s book The Angel’s Smile, I also wanted pictures to tell the story and bring the book more to life, visually. I can draw somewhat, particularly copy drawing, say from an animation or from a comic…

(Check out my attempt at copy drawing Angel and Devon Rex cat from my book

The Angel’s Smile)


However, I needed a professional who would be able to create a character, in this case, a boy called Angel and several pictures, without me having to teach myself by watching endless Youtube videos etc. I also wanted someone I could trust. So I asked around.

This is when my fabulous and talented artist C.Morgan, through a friend, of a friend, who for a fee naturally, painted my dream and made it… a reality!

Available now!

Thank you, C. Morgan!

Tracey J Boothe’s Author Bio

me in sunglasses compressed Apr 18

From the age of 5, Tracey J Boothe enjoyed reading and playing teacher with her dolls and teddies. Tracey J Boothe grew up with a love for music as when her father wasn’t working he would often play music for their whole house to hear. Her mother had many jobs including working as a childminder and Tracey J Boothe grew to share the same love for children. Her mother enrolled her in stage school at the age of two, where she enjoyed floor gymnastics, ballet, tap dancing, and singing. She also went to a primary school where children sang and prayed in assembly every day. It was of no surprise to her, as a teenager, she wrote songs and wanted to be a singer to spread positive messages! She is glad to say now, she is a singer.

Tracey J Boothe has unconditional love for her children and grandchildren. No matter what she does in life, she’s always drawn to working with children. She formerly worked in several schools as a Teaching Assistant for over 7 years including supporting children with Special Educational Needs. She wrote stories, poems, and songs for children to learn, feel good, proud and have fun. In one of the schools, she enjoyed running Performing Arts Classes, where children gained new skills and self-confidence.

Tracey J Boothe strives to be a positive role model and write interactive children’s books, songs, such as; issues children may go through in their lives and teach them lifelong skills they may be able to use.