Audiobook for The Angel’s Smile

Although I’ve been in and out of the studio for one reason or another since I was 15, I still felt nervous when I stepped in the sound booth to record the audiobook for The Angel’s Smile.

First, MK who is a sound engineer and producer, spoke for a short while about what I wanted to achieve and then he said, “Ready?”

I thought, “He doesn’t mess about.”

Take One

I put on the headphones and the nerves started to kick in. I used the adrenaline and read my book, imagining, I was reading to a class full of intrigued children. I tuned in spiritually and read with confidence and started enjoying myself, trying to sound interesting and dramatic.

Take Two

MK, suggested I do another take. Through experience, singing my songs in the studio in the past, a few takes are needed for the best result. I felt it was more natural the second time around because I was calmer and more balanced.

After, I read the questions about the book from the interactive pages.

We listened to both versions and MK chose the second take to be the main one to work with. He sent me a copy to take home, listen to and review.

Back For More

A couple of weeks later, I was back in the studio. I reported which words needed correcting. MK used a few words from the 1st cut and pasted them to the 1st version.

Next, MK edited all the unnecessary breaths in between some of the words. I admired his determination and focused approach. I popped back into the sound booth and dropped in any words that needed changing.

We chose sound effects, such as children talking in a classroom setting, children playing and clapping.

The Angel’s Smile Audiobook is nearly finished!

Next is the Audiobook Song

As part of The Angel’s Smile, I need to complete The Angel’s Smile Delight song…

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